Little Bill (_bill) wrote in justanothericon,
Little Bill

My name is Deanna, but everyone calls me Bill.
I live in PEI Canada. Its boring here and I want to leave like you wouldnt belive. Im sixteen years old. Im five foot 2. I have brown/red/black hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses that make my eyes huge, and I only wear eyeliner unless my girlfriends want to play dressup. I have my tounge pierced and Im getting a tattoo really soon. I love to drive around with my friends. And I love music.
I dont trust people really easily. I dont drink but I do do drugs. I love to go to raves and just dance. I love to have fun and Im very outgoing and not shy.
Thats all about me I guess.

Im looking for an icon that reminds me of a rave.
I have no pictures. But I want it to be bright and flashy and say "just rave" or something.

Im really not good at this kind of thing.

If someone can help me it would make my whole year. I will comment and credit. Thanks!!
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